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Think me, think tree

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You are absolutely clear about your message – the seeds you want to bring to the world? If not – you should read this ebook.

It’s about getting clear what you stand for, to go on tap with – if we talk about business or your ideas in life. Peter draws pictures, combining life and business with the growth of trees and what we can learn from nature’s business principles.

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Here some solution quotations from the book in an essence: Being connected to the core makes things go easy and prepared for the cyles and waves of life. Balance and strength can be reached for the whole system if you follow your instincts and never give up. You have to loose old things to gain new impulses. Growth support will be given by your roots and the concentration to the trunk and the original source. It’s your system that makes you safe and wise – if you listen to it. Knowing the own coding makes the seed become a forest. It is about the vision being a part of something bigger and allowing rejunvation life cycle after cycle.

Read this ebook – adopting these perspectives will change your life forever.

Peter Illing helps corporations and people to find their core seed for being unique in marketing and sales but also in life purpose, to make a real difference in how things are done and why they are done. After a life changing car accident he was confronted with question like: „How do I solve problems which never came up before?“, „What’s my purpose in life?“ and „Which message do I really want to bring out to make a difference?“ His biggest secret, he says after all these years is to never give up and see changes as a natural flow, which we can train to tap on if we take time to look behind the scenes. With his perspectives he invites to cross our limitations in our mind to be who we are thought to be.



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Unser menschliches System leidet an einer Überfrachtung mit Daten und negativen Informationsfeldern. Unsere Vorfahren haben sich zur Bereinigung des Geistes und zur Stärkung der mentalen Kraft des Feuers bedient. Das liefert Motivation mit Leadership! > mehr Info


Der Kraftkreis der Götter bildet ein Aryal mit heilenden und stärkenden Kräften. Bei der Transformation von Themen betrachtet man die 16 Runen im Kontext der jahreszeitlichen Energien, den natürlichen Rhythmen und dem Fluss der Lebensenergie. Jede Blockade ist ein inneres Aufbegehren gegen das eigentliche Naturell. Wenn wir den natürlichen Faden aufnehmen und uns mit dem Moment verbinden steht alles bereit was wir benötigen. Ein intuitiver Prozess und eine reinigende und heilige Begegnung mit dem Selbst.