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HONORING THE ANCESTORS: The Case for Metagenetics and Folk Consciousness

“Behind us, we have all of our ancestors. In front of us, we have our descendants yet to come. Off our left and right sides we have our living kin, who are with us now. Above us, we have the Holy Powers. Below us, we have the Earth and the World of Nature. In each direction we have connections and responsibilities and receive blessings.”

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Can We Access the Memories of Our Ancestors Through Our DNA?

Some psychologists, most famously Carl Jung, have theorised that we're born with the memories and experiences of our ancestors imprinted on our DNA. We're not necessarily unlocking them, but it's possible that our most basic survival instincts might stem from some long ago trauma experienced by a dead relative. It's a theory that's also subscribed to by television psychics, though, so you can see where things get tricky. While you might not be able to remember the specific horrors experienced by a great grandfather in a WWI trench, or the weary footsteps taken by ancestors as they migrated from Africa to Europe, it's not an uncommon thing to feel in touch with those whose genetic material you share. We define ourselves by things like race and family history, and sometimes those experiences of the distant past feel very present.

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Unser menschliches System leidet an einer Überfrachtung mit Daten und negativen Informationsfeldern. Unsere Vorfahren haben sich zur Bereinigung des Geistes und zur Stärkung der mentalen Kraft des Feuers bedient. Das liefert Motivation mit Leadership! > mehr Info


Der Kraftkreis der Götter bildet ein Aryal mit heilenden und stärkenden Kräften. Bei der Transformation von Themen betrachtet man die 16 Runen im Kontext der jahreszeitlichen Energien, den natürlichen Rhythmen und dem Fluss der Lebensenergie. Jede Blockade ist ein inneres Aufbegehren gegen das eigentliche Naturell. Wenn wir den natürlichen Faden aufnehmen und uns mit dem Moment verbinden steht alles bereit was wir benötigen. Ein intuitiver Prozess und eine reinigende und heilige Begegnung mit dem Selbst.